List mode Data Specification

64-bit Windows compatibility

As we have discovered with several cases, the burst read function used in reading out xMap spectrum and mapping data is particularly sensitive to operating conditions, a problematic PCI bridge could start up normally, but will cause error at spectrum and mapping data readout, this can be caused by a faulty fan or dust on the PCI bridge board.

There is also a type of consistent error caused outdated PXI-PCI bridge hardware. The following list of PXI-PCI bridge are confirmed to be supported in 64-bit Windows.

  • PCI-8361

  • PCI-8366

  • PCIe-8361

  • PCIe-8362

  • PCIe-8371

  • PCIe-8375

  • PCIe-8381

  • PCIe-8398

See https://xiallc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SUPPORT/pages/187301954 for more information about updating your PLX drivers.