The UltraLo-1800 is a state of the art alpha particle counter, offering vastly improved counting times, repeatability, and accuracy over previous technologies. For more information on the UltraLo, including FAQs for prospective and existing customers, information on XIA’s counting service, as well as the latest software updates and documentation, see below.

Counting Service

XIA offers alpha counting on the UltraLo-1800 as a service, for details see https://xiallc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SUPPORT/pages/246710273.

Research and Publications

XIA has conducted or collaborated with others in a number of research projects, and the UltraLo-1800 has been used by many of our customers in scientific research. These efforts are documented in https://xiallc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SUPPORT/pages/431259649

User FAQ

Prospective Owner FAQ

Service Bulletins

Service bulletins are instructions for performing specific servicing steps on an UltraLo-1800 in situ. For a list of service bulletins, see here. Only perform these procedures after consulting with XIA support staff.