xMAP - Installing 64-bit PLX Windows Drivers

Installation Procedure

  1. Connect and power on the crate and boot up the PC. Check if "Other PCI bridge device" and "PCI devices" show up in Device Manager.

  2. Run "NI Device Drivers CD" from Aug 2011, reboot. Note: starting with a newer version of the Device Drivers CD, NI-VISA, or NI PXI Platform Services should also install the necessary drivers.

  3. If Device Manager shows a problem on a "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" device (error code 31) or does not show an "Other PCI Bridge Device," there may be a compatibility problem with the host system BIOS. Follow the steps in the NI MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility software. For example, the combination of Lenovo Thinkpad L512 and PXI-1033 crate connected via NI ExpressCard-8360 requires this update.

  4. Verify NI PXI 8360 and PXI-6221 are recognized after reboot.

  5. Install ProSpect. Reboot as directed.

  6. The xMap drivers should have been installed correctly now, if not, try the following procedures.

  7. In Device Manager open the 2 "Other PCI bridge device", update drivers, and select the drivers\plx folder in ProSpect’s program directory.

  8. Device Manager should now recognize an XIA xMAP Digital Spectrometer (64-bit) under Other Devices.